We adopted Lady from the SPCA  
April 2010.  She is a cheerful
and sweet little girl.  

Lady loves to play toys, she
invented a lot of different games
to play with different toys. Some
of the games she invented are
very funny and make you laugh
out loud.  Lady is very gentle on
our cat –Hanna, and wants to
play with Hanna (I guess she
think our cat is a dog, too).

Lady is a very good sister to her
adopted brother- Poochy. They
play together, and share toys
with each other. My favorite
moment with Lady is when I get
home after work seeing her silly
smiling face welcome me by the
door. I wouldn’t exchange this
moment for a billion dollars.

Lady will always be our little
precious and our little angel.  
Thanks SPCA for letting us have

Tony and Allison
Poochy & Lady
We adopted Sugar in Feb. of 2000 after I had to have my cat of 17 yrs, Digger, put to
sleep.  I was very sad and did not think that I wanted another cat.  For whatever
reason I went up to the SPCA and there he was.  I was bent over looking at a cat in a
cage below him and he stuck his paw through his cage and swatted me on the head
like "Don't look at them look at me!"  I brought my husband back and we decided we
would get him.  

He was rather expensive at first, because he had an allergy to protein so we had to
feed him special food. He is very spoiled and rotten.  He cuddles up on my husband's
lap every night.  In the morning if we don't get up to
feed him fast enough he will jump up on our bedside
table and knock stuff off on purpose so we
have to get up to get after him!  
He is a wonderful addition to
our family going on 11 years!

Dear Augusta Regional SPCA Staff--
Last June, a sweet dog you called Major was brought to your shelter.  He was with you most of the summer, until
he was brought to Lollypop Farm in Rochester, New York.  We knew within minutes that we had finally found our
perfect match.  His sweet temperament, especially with my daughter Abby, won us over.  We decided that we
would like to change his name to something that we felt fit him better and marked his new life with us.  My son
Daniel, who has an interest in archery, had suggested Arrow, but I wanted something that reflected his roots in
Virginia.  After looking at a map of Staunton, I noticed that your shelter is located on Archery Lane; we had our
name-- Archer!  

Archer has been with us just over two months.  He is thriving and has filled a gap in our hearts that my family didn't
even know we had.  Thank you so much for your care of Archer this summer.  Thanks to the caring staff at the
Augusta Regional SPCA, Rescue Waggin, and the amazing folks at Lollypop Farm, we are pleased to report another
"happy tail" of adoption success!
Sincerely, Janet Zea
Happy Tails
Augusta Regional SPCA
33 Archery Lane
Staunton, VA 24401
Hi everyone, It's Elmo here.  It's been 5 months
since I've been with my family and things are
great!!  I have a big sister here, and it is so fun
to have a playmate!   I am growing up to be quite
a gentleman- my parents have taught me lots of
commands!  I love to run around in the yard
during the day and to fall asleep at night on the
couch next to my dad.  My parents say that they
are so grateful they found me and for the care I
received at the SPCA, and that they love me
very much.  Can't ask for anything better!

We adopted Tatum this past August.  We already have two rescue dogs, Juneau and Gunner, and
were looking for the perfect kitty to add to our family.  When we first brought Tatum home, Juneau
(64 lbs) wanted to play with the kitty, but the kitty didn't want to play so much at first.  However,
now Tatum will chase Juneau up the stairs and sneak up on him from around corners. Gunner (82
lbs), our big baby, was actually kind of afraid of Tatum at first, but he's gotten used to the kitty being
around.    He loves to be cuddled, loves to nuzzle, loves to play, and loves to talk to you.  He'll look
up at my husband and I with this look of pure love and it just reinforces what a wonderful decision
it was to bring him into our home.  When I see all of my boys (4 including my husband) sleeping
together it just warms my heart.

Thank you so very much,
Kirsten Mycko

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